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Revolt Against Idol Worship
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Mature, intelligent discussion regarding Orlando Bloom
Please Read Everything Before You Post And/Or Join This Community!

Welcome to the community for mature Orlando Bloom fans. This community is now under new management, but the concept is still the same. Orlando Bloom graduated from a prestigious drama school and then became a poster child. Quite unfortunate. Because he is a fledgling actor, little is known about him or his work. However, this community is for fans who believe in his potential and are looking forward to seeing future work. Because he’s serious about his career, his fans should be equally serious about it. Here, we will discuss his performances and role choices - both critical and commendable. I understand that we have only a handful of movies to base our opinions on, but such is life. If you want to belong to this community, you believe that the number of movies will grow and feel a need to share your opinion about Orlando Bloom and his talent.


Different countries see movies at different times so don’t be shy about sharing information.

In keeping with tradition, post pictures of Orlando at his worst. Bad pictures are preferred, but if you find just a natural, unposed picture you want to share, please do so.

Feel free to post your frustrations about Orlando in the media. Keep the rhetoric to a minimum…I know it’s frustrating, but try to be objective.

We're here to have fun. Even if your post seems a little juvenile, we'll enjoy the laugh. This isn't all button-up seriousness. Just be sure to read the rules below. Common sense and good taste should dictate what you post.

What do you want to know about Orlando? What would you ask him? Post your questions or concerns. Please keep it tasteful.

The goal here is to have intelligent discussion about his movies and acting abilities. Posts can deviate slightly to include Orlando’s co-stars and directors/producers.


1. No girly fanatic lingo – you all know what I mean
2. Please do not advertise other communities
3. Take it easy on the icon posts…if you’ve got something really good, post it – but use your best judgement
4. If you have a picture, please put it behind an LJ Cut. That’s just good manners.
5. Do not just introduce yourself – please have something to say – “you have the power”
6. No girlfriend bashing or rumor spreading. If you have information that is pertinent to his career or to him in general, and have pulled it from a credible source, feel free to share it. Otherwise, post it in a different OB community.
7. Posts deemed silly and frivolous will be deleted
8. Be nice. A good, heated discussion is always fun, but no personal attacks or insults. We can agree to disagree.

The original inspiration with responses for this community can be found at THE ORIGINAL SIN from orlandobloom.

I am your host and moderator sbaehr