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Orlando In The News

Looks like O.B. is getting busy with his charity work. Add to his list The Lili Claire Foundation and The ALA (American Library Association). We've previously seen him submitting photographs for The Make-A-Wish-Foundation in co-operation with Sony Ericsson. By the way, that exhibit is in Chicago as we speak. Oh, well - no time to get down there this week.

Anyway, the LCF is a benefit for people with Williams Syndrome and similar neurological disorders. Here's a link -

And here's a picture...

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?

The ALA is sponsoring Teen Read Week this week. Here's the link -

I see that New Line Cinema (who produces The Lord Of The Rings) has become a sponsor for The ALA. Wonder if that has anything to do with O.B. getting involved? I really, truly hope he gets involved with these charities 'cuz they're something he believes in and not because it's expected of him. That would seriously get under my skin - there's nothing worse than phony empathy. I would understand his involvement with The ALA 'cuz of his dyslexia. So hopefully New Line Cinema didn't write it into his contract. Ah...a man after my own heart. Reading kicks ass! Sorry - there's just something sexy about a guy who's into books. Guess that's why I love Stephen King.

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